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Our software was developed by our software team who were educated en certified by the universities of BILKENT/ METU and HACETTEPE.

We love what we do and do what we love!

The Beeducator-Internet Based Education Management System is developed by "Seldata Software, Organization, Training & Computer" for those who love their work and want to do what they love.


Meet our products !

Beeducator LMS

Easily move your educational content to the internet with Beeducator LMS. Set a road map for your participants and keep track of them thanks to the detailed analysis / reporting feature. Bring your trainings to your target audience with your customized e-commerce page.

Beeducator LIVE

Broadcast Full-HD (1080p) live events with Beeducator Live with no bandwith or user limits. Interact with your participants using the voice and text live chat feature. Bring your live broadcast events to customized e-commerce page, whether paid or free.

So where and how can i use it?

Study Cases

The usage area of Beeducator depends only on your imagination. The sky is the limit!

Online communication and education organization of educational institutions

Personal development trainings

Occupational health and safety trainings

Online congresses and seminars

Employee, dealer, business partner, franchise and customer trainings

Hobby acquisition and development trainings

Network marketing trainings

Language trainings

Being an educator has never been easier!

With Beeducator;

  • You can prepare your trainings in many formats and upload them to the system easily,
  • Space, place and time don’t matter anymore. If you wish, you can continue training while you are asleep or on vacation,
  • You can check the participation of the participants in the training, and even test and certify them due to the advanced reporting system,
  • You can choose if you wish to attend your trainings or you can have automatic participation 24/7,
  • The participant enters your website, buys your training and can start watching the training instantly,
  • Your paid training earnings transfers to your bank using safe payment gate-away,
  • At the same time, Beeducator software is like your secretary, who sends emails to both participants and you in many cases,
  • You will find different package options suitable for all types of education project budgets,
  • You can start for free! No credit card information required!
  • It is that easy to create and manage your training business with the Beeducator software.