We love the
work we do.

Our company has been operating in the software industry since 2012. It performs software applications development, software and hardware integration, Mobile device applications development and other support services in all kinds of IT projects, especially security sectors.

We have knowledge and experience in image archiving. Especially with Fingerprint security systems and Face Recognition Systems. Customers of our Face Recognition Systems include National Security Units (Security, Gendarmerie), Banks for the purpose of preventing credit fraud and Security units of private institutions.

We reflected our experience in Face Recognition Systems and security software onto the Beeducator project with Distance Education. In 2019, Beeducator made the LMS system available for everyone.

Our Vision

Sharing of information has never lost its value throughout the ages. Those who know and share what they know; minstrels, artists, philosophers, scholars, inventors, mursits, teachers,… have always been respected in the society. Nowadays, neither epics, cuneiform tablets, or papurian scrolls, nor lighter and quiet rooms of libraries are needed for information sharing. In our age, information sharing should be easy, fast, independent of date and place, interesting and attractive, understandable and satisfying, and oriented to personal needs. Electronic information not only meets the requirements listed above, it also enables information to reproduce in an imaginary way with information. Our vision is to serve the multiplication of knowledge with knowledge for the happiness and peace of humanity.

Our Mission

We love what we do and do what we love. Our mission is to provide solutions that make it easier to achieve what you love and that are compatible with the rapidly transforming time wherin we need to operate today.

Coming from you

  • Duygu and Akın Çam
    During a long research period, I examined many ready-made foreign education platforms. Although each of them are good in its field, we thought of it as too complicated for us , and the content it provided was too much in some points and very inadequate in others. Before the Corona period, we had already grasped the importance of online education and determined our preparations and wishes. The Beeducator software was very successful in offering me everything I was looking for, thanks to them we had finished our entire training platform before the Corona virus appeared. Maybe we were one of the companies that got most prepared for Corona. Thank you beeducator, so glad you are there.
  • Erhan Sayın
    The Beeducator platform is a convenient and effective system with all the functions that will allow a company to appeal to its broad customer portfolio. Our club practices through Turkey and many students around the world can supply a wide range of products and services.
    Erhan Sayın
    Lider Chess Academy CEO